Never Underestimate What God Can Do! – Part 1

I’ve decided to write about my life’s story.

I grew up in Indiana, and moved quite a bit when I was younger.  I lived in a neighborhood about 4 miles from a nice small town when I was 12.  There were 105 fifth graders, divided into three different classrooms at my school, when my dad decided that  he wanted to moved to a farm, out in the middle of nowhere!  I was in shock!  LOL

My oldest brother was away in the military, my sister was in her senior year, my middle brother was in 8th grade and my younger brother in 2nd, I believe.

As you entered our lane, there was a field on both sides of it, until you entered the woods, which was a very curvy road, almost half a mile, until the clearing and then fields on both sides of the lane again until you reached our house.  You could not drive down the lane most of the time, because the bottom was not solid and there were huge holes in it.  We walked to the bus in the dark, rain, and snow.

When I arrived for my first day of school there were 11 in my class!  5th and 6th graders together!!!!!  I felt like I was on Little House On The Prairie!  I hated it at the time.  No friends close, hardly any kids, but what I didn’t know was that God was preparing me for my future and the many times I would be alone.

We had an 80 acre farm.  Cows, chickens, pigs, a goat, ponies, dog, cats, and my brother had a couple of pet racoons once.  I saw snakes, picked berries, mushrooms and waded in the creek, worked in the garden.  We even had a coal stove!!!    I would take long walks down different areas of our land and pray to God.  It was so peaceful there.  My mom taught me how she used to play with different things for her playtime that she made from the woods when she was a kid.

People were especially friendly there, but sometimes the kids weren’t.  One day I was standing talking to someone when a girl came up to me and asked if I always stood that way.  I looked down and realized my feet were crooked like my mom’s, for the first time.  I couldn’t run up and down the stairs like the other kids did, play sports or run well at all.  My gym teacher used to make me run so she could make fun of me.  I hated that, and I finally asked my mother to take me to the Dr. to get an excuse, and was able to take study hall, instead of gym my last year of PE.

I had/have club feet, hammer toes, high arches, and turned ankles.  This affected me on the bus as well.  Every day I tried to get as far away from John as I could.  He would call me crip, peg legs and even called out to my brother and said, Hey Carl, you have a crip for a sister.  I was thin and mom made me wear dresses until my freshman year.  So needless to say this all had a negative affect on me.

I forgot to mention that I was abused sexually by a family member when I was young, before we moved to the farm.

I’ve had two surgeries on my feet and it has helped some.  I still cannot wear nice shoes, but God has brought a tremendous change in the way I look at things and my life.


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  1. God loves you just the way you are and so do I. You may not run with your feet but your heart runs with love to help others find Christ. I’ve known you for 16 years and you have always had the desire in your heart for people to find truth and understanding and come to the knowledge of the saving grace of God. I am proud of you and your accomplishments. I know if I ever need someone to back me up, pray for me or get in your car in the middle of the night and drive for an hour to put your arms around me when I need someone, it has always been you without question. Yes God uses you and I thank him for you and how he knit our hearts together so many years ago. Love, Kathy


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