Cathy Padgett has excelled in Leadership positions most of her life. She became a group leader in a factory at a young age, then proceeded to become a supervisor within the same company. In her early 30’s she accepted a customer service position, at a Christian Publishing Company. Within a year and a half, Cathy was promoted to Customer Service Director. Three years later, she was promoted to Marketing Director. Traveling to many states, her training skills and education increased, as she was introduced and met some of the country’s top sales and educational leaders. She won several Toastmaster’s awards and is an excellent speaker, capturing the attention of her audience. She volunteered at the Juvenile Correctional Facility for 7 years as a mentor and group leader, teaching young women there is a purpose for their life. Transformation took place and has changed many lives forever. Even some of the guards at the facility asked for her help. When the publishing company closed, she took a leap of faith to become an entrepreneur, and now owns three businesses. God has accelerated her as a business leader in the market place. She is one of Indy’s top 50 business connectors.  

Owner – Cathy Padgett  www.cathypadgett.com

CEO –  Christian Women’s Business Connection www.cwbconnection.com    

President – Indiana Small Business Connection www.indianasbc.com

About Cathy:

She specializes in transforming lives through Leadership training and development seminars, Educational classes, Networking events, Motivational speaking engagements, and Transformational coaching.  She has a passion for ministry.    God has given her a prophetic voice and words of knowledge and wisdom to help people live their purpose and pursue their dreams.  She has seen many healed of emotional and physical pain.  She believes  every individual has phenomenal gifts,  just waiting to be used and rewarded.

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  1. My Christian radar picked up your spirituality blip immediately from reading only a couple of your posts on Smaller Indiana and your picture beams the same openness, honesty and deep faith in God. I am but one of the more than 300 followers of you here and I feel certain each of them has felt the same blessing in our knowing you personally.


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